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Challenge Accepted

Dustin Starr vs Matt Boyce, 24 June 2011 (New Experience Wrestling)
Finding this match was like rediscovering a long lost friend on Facebook. I haven't wet my pants over tan, blond studmuffin Matt Boyce since 2010, over a year before this Las Vegas match between him and Dustin Starr, his nemesis and, in real life, his trainer. One minute they're shoving and pushing, the next they're in the ring, bodies gleaming with oil (presumably workout sweat). Outside interference wrecks the ending, but there are nice shots of Matt and Dustin in agony. According to Cagematch: The Internet Wrestling Database, both are still wrestling, freelancing as recently as this year in their home state of Tennessee. I had no luck in finding news of New Experience Wrestling or in confirming those old gay rumors surrounding Boyce. Who knows? If he is gay, I hope he knows where he can find me.

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