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Coleman Free vs Austin Tyler, Match 560 - Chloroform Match (UCW)

I'm informed that, unlike the Hollywood movies I've seen, it takes a good five minutes for a chloroform-soaked rag to knock a grown man out - and slowly fading while nakedly thrashing against an assailant's equally bare flesh sounds like fun to me. As I see it, a chloroform match is like a series of choke-outs, only longer and chemically induced.

For 30 minutes I can force myself to watch tan bodies squirming and pressing together. I'm easily amused. It helps that Coleman and Austin are fun together and interesting to observe - and things do happen other than the clutching of a rag to a victim's nose and mouth. There are moments of suspense, but though prolonged, the struggle is a more-or-less direct nonstop flight to exactly the outcome I was expecting. Surprise isn't everything. Sometimes it's enough to kick back and watch some tan-on-tan wriggling.

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