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True Stories

True story: I met Jonny Firestorm for the first time. This was yesterday evening. Kid Leopard introduces me to everybody, explaining that I write a wrestling blog. Jonny corrects him, saying, "He writes the  wrestling blog. Capital T-H-E." I feel flattered, but I try to be humble. Then Jonny says he's met me before. I say we haven't met until just now. Then the Kid reminds him that he's met Bard of neverland. Jonny thought I was Bard. Now I don't write T-H-E blog. ("Foot in mouth," as Jonny tells me later. If it makes Bard feel any better about this case of mistaken identity, I was standing in the shadows when we were introduced.) Jonny brightens when I tell him we have a friend in common - the often-mentioned Jim in Tennessee. Funny thing is that all these guys I'm meeting this past week - Jonny, Kid Leopard, Brad Rochelle, Kid Vicious - I feel like I already know them - and if they follow the blog, they feel like they know me.
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