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Kings of Pain

Joey King vs Zip Zarella, Ring 'Kings' (BG East)
Wrestling freelancers work part-time at a number of underground wrestling sites, but BG East gets the best of the indy boys and gets the best out of them, more often than not better than what I have seen of their work in regional promotions. The company's recent release Ring 'Kings'  is especially exciting in part because of Joey King and Kelly King, sexy and aggressive fighters well known to fans of online wrestling, in part because of their opponents, indy pros, also: Zip Zarella, in his second turn at BGE, and Royce Perry, in his third. Zip and Royce fought each other in Ring Wars 26. Both are surprisingly strong against the familiar Kings - and these two matches mark new high points for all four wrestlers.

King vs Zarella is a succession of submissions, the game being that whoever gets the most falls by submission by the end of 30 minutes wins the match. For a submission contest, it's on the lighthearted side…

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