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Jason Hades vs Jayson Quick, Ted Petty Invitational Tournament 2008 (IWA Mid South)

Here were the stakes on September 27, 2008, in Joliet, Illinois. One: the world light heavyweight title, at the time held by Jason Hades. Two: the right to the name "Jason" or "Jayson." Three: Pride - The loser must say, "I quit!" a direct hit to the alpha-male ego. Furthermore it's a cage match, no disqualification, no weapons barred. Such would be the bloody climax to a four month long feud between these two wrestlers. Hades and Quick are studly rivals contracted to a stark do-or-die confrontation that offers absolutely no escape clause - perhaps, as ringside commentators note, not even death.

I was discussing this match the other day with my buddy Jim in Tennessee. We were talking about the impact of sound on a wrestling event. He said that the vocalized "I submit!" is hotter than the tap-out signal. I absototally agree. Tap-outs are a non-starter for me to…

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