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Finn McCool vs Turbo, Mat Rats 86 (Thunder's Arena)

Anybody starting a Finn McCool fan club? Sign me up. Last month he impressed me mightily in Vegas Battles 20, his hotel suite match against fellow newby Bart. In retrospect, I feel foolish for not covering McCool's Vegas matches against Dolf, Eagle, and Steel, too. (Can I just say I was extremely busy last month?) See the full slate of his matches here. His latest match, his seventh at Thunder's Arena, totally puts him over with me. In Mat Rats 86, Finn (5'11", 180#) scrubs the poolside pavement with a stunned and debilitated Turbo (5'8", 150#). Turbo can barely come up for air. Finn's all over the guy. It's hardly a fair fight, given the size/weight differences. What it does, though, is provide me the opportunity to admire McCool's meaty physique and his hot alpha attitude. His vibe and appearance are reminiscent of Frey and Lane Hartley, with an added pinch of Impact. Sweating profusely, sp…

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